The 5 senses

Boosting productivity through the 5 senses

Creating a favourable work environment requires a multi-sensory approach. Valdeco approaches well-being through the 5 senses:


Light influences sight, whilst having an impact on the desire to be enterprising, the psychological processes and the psyche. It plays a significant role in well-being and motivation. Inappropriate lighting causes visual and nervous fatigue that impairs the quality of the work performed. Valdeco analyses every environment and type of work to find comfortable and efficient lighting solutions.


Acoustic comfort is often neglected. Yet it has a direct impact on the psychological equilibrium and productivity of workers. It contributes to the quality of life at work and improves relations between employees. Valdeco studies the solutions to be implemented in order to improve the acoustics of interiors through amenities such as soundproofed partitioning, sound absorbing walls and furniture, and interior insulation of premises (floors, walls and ceilings).                                  


Touch has to do with work posture. A study on occupational health recommends alternating between a seated and standing position every 20 minutes. This regular change of position is necessary for good blood circulation and good oxygenation of the brain. The work environment is consequently said to be ergonomic if it allows employees to alternate between seated and standing positions. Valdeco designs spaces that offer the possibility to vary work positions.


The sense of smell touches emotions and imagination. It creates memories and triggers an interaction between workers and their environment. Some materials and essences create a good atmosphere for concentration. Valdeco assesses the importance of stimuli triggered by smells in the work environment.


A balanced diet plays a role in keeping healthy and being efficient at work. It is necessary to take gourmet breaks and to enjoy healthy meals in an area reserved for that purpose. Valdeco creates lunchrooms and relaxation areas where workers can recharge their batteries over the course of the day.