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Layout of the Entropy restaurant

A story of taste and commitment

At the end of December 2021, chef Elliott Van de Velde asked me to design the layout of his future gourmet restaurant, Entropy located in the center of Brussels, Place Saint Gery.

His vision, a restaurant that combines gastronomy and environmental responsibility. It was therefore important to me that these values could be reflected in an elegant and functional framework.

I therefore designed a space that includes a color palette inspired by nature and selected eco-responsible suppliers in order to create harmony between aesthetics and sustainability.

57-AL-052207 00082.jpg

The objective of this case study is to illustrate how sustainability values can be embodied in a high-level restaurant space.

Today more than ever, it is essential to design eco-responsible spaces that take into account our values and the well-being of our planet.


Manufactured by Holy Wood, a solidarity carpentry in Mons which recovers wood from furniture collected by the Emmaüs Association


Manufactured from organic waste from the production of organic oyster mushrooms. LumiFungi is a completely organic and compostable lampshade produced in Brussels in the Tours & Taxis cellars


Use of vinyl woven in Mouscron by 2Tec2.

Entropy 1 avant.jpg


Entropy 1 apres.jpg


Entropy 3 avant.jpg


Entropy 3 apres.jpg


Entropy 4 avant.jpg


Entropy 4 apres.jpg


Entropy 2 avant.jpg


Entropy 2 apres.jpg


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