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Case study

Design of a Space for “Hors-Champs by Stefan Jacobs”

Gastronomic and Aesthetic Harmony


The opportunity to collaborate with Stefan Jacobs on the design of his restaurant, "Hors-Champs by Stefan Jacobs", is a memorable experience that highlights the synergy between high-quality cuisine and thoughtful interior design.


This collaboration has made it possible to forge a close link between the culinary aspect and the aesthetic, thus creating a framework which reflects the signature and generosity of chef Stefan Jacob's cuisine.

Hors Champs-052207 00172.jpg


This project was characterized by close collaboration, where the mutual decision process for the choice of colors, materials and furniture played a central role.

The common goal was to design a space that immediately evokes a feeling of warmth and welcome, like its chef Stefan Jacobs.


The result of this collaboration is a space where every element, from color nuances to furniture selections, helps create an atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming.

The aesthetic alignment with the values and generosity of Stefan Jacobs' cuisine has resulted in a restaurant that welcomes its guests into an ambiance that is both elegant and unfussy, a true extension of the dining experience on offer.


This project highlights the ability of carefully crafted interior design to enrich and complement the dining experience.

The collaboration with Stefan Jacobs for "Hors-Champs by Stefan Jacobs" embodies a vision of interior architecture where function meets art, illustrating that design choices can not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but also encapsulate and express the philosophy and essence of a brand or leader.


The layout of the restaurant "Hors-Champs by Stefan Jacobs" demonstrates the importance of a creative collaboration between the chef and the interior designer to create a space that dialogues with its cuisine.

The harmony achieved through this project demonstrates that the setting in which we live and eat can profoundly influence our appreciation of the experience, affirming that well-being also requires interior architecture thought and designed in perfect resonance with its culinary and cultural context.

Hors Champs-052207 00153.jpg
Hors Champs-052207 00167.jpg
Hors Champs-052207 00156.jpg
Hors Champs-052207 00163.jpg
Hors Champs-052207 00166.jpg
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